Sunday, August 18, 2013

we found a wolf spider on the ceiling

Know what? Know how we got it into an observation station? Dad got up on an ottoman, stood on it, and got the spider from off the ceiling. Then we looked at it for a long time, then Mom took a picture of it. You might need to look closely at the picture to see the little hairs on the spider. You might see the jaws on the spider - that was REALLY cool. I love spiders, especially their webs. Then we let it free.


  1. Wow, Will - that is an impressive spider. How did you know it was a Wolf spider?

  2. Yes, an amazing and really cool spider. I'm wondering how big it is in real life. Spiders like Seattle, I think. I always see lots of them there. Why do you think they hang out on the ceiling?

  3. Bingy, because of the small stripes and it was big! and because Dad told me!

    Lolo, maybe they like to make webs up there so that bugs, when they are flying sideways, might do a fast angle and land on the ceiling and crawl, then get caught.