Wednesday, August 14, 2013

hummingbird season

Hummingbird season is starting. The wings are the coolest, and the tail, because they all move. Remember, everything is Legos. The claws don't hurt, but they look very strong. They are actually very small. The beak is very small, and might look like it has a little hole in it for sucking nectar out of flowers. See the bright eyes?


  1. Thanks for drawing my attention to all of those amazing details about your hummingbird. I also like the way you placed it on the feeder to take the photo. It sounds like you know a lot about hummingbirds. I remember seeing a hummingbird nest one time, right next to Gunnar Fagerlund's door. That was really special. I'm glad you're named after Gunnar.

  2. I love reading your blog Will! Fun to see your hummingbird at the feeder.