Saturday, August 17, 2013

hike on bainbridge

You might see the teeny tiny bumps on the back of it, because i'm showing the back. It's actually a fern. Did you know those bumps have pollen on them?
Guess what? Did you see the prickles? They are actually not prickles. Guess what, they are, for real, little things that are looking like prickles but they are not! When I held it by the very tip of the bottom, it was sticky with sap!
Guess what? To me, those two things look like teeny tiny bombs, but on a plant! They might look like they are bumpy, because they actually ARE bumpy! Second to last!
Did you know that this is a leaf that is almost but getting ready to be it: A LEAF SKELETON! And also, see those patches, those are just plain leaf. You might see the teeny tiny lines, and that's the skeleton part. You might know what a regular leaf looks like. Did you know that the stem of leaves actually go INTO their skeleton.

Also, we saw a falcon.  Guess what?  The falcon seemed like he fanned out his tail feather in the picture (accidentally deleted from the camera) but the tail feather when it swept up was actually striped.  Guess what?  Know what?  The falcons beak was short but really, really cool. 


  1. Will - you are such a wonderful observer of nature. I love looking at things with you and listening to your thoughts about them.

  2. Hi Will, I am hearing your voice in my head as I read this. Like Bingy said, you have very interesting and detailed observations. That must've been a very special day on Bainbridge.