Tuesday, August 13, 2013


This scorpion has a lot of cool things. It is so so so so cool. It's legs can move, it has jaws but everything is Legos! It has antenna: two Legos. It's eyes: amazing. Long bending stinging tail, also Legos.

I made it for everyone I love, even myself.

About the blog, I actually love this, but it is hard making it!


  1. I think the scorpion may be my favorite of all your leggo creations, Will. AND the black lab, of course.

  2. I never would have thought that you could make a scorpion from Lego bricks, but there it is, right before my eyes--- menacing, curved tail and all!

    Can you think of ANYTHING that you could NOT make of Legos?

  3. Hi Will and family, I enjoyed seeing the excellent Lego scorpion that looked very balanced on the table. Does it tiptoe up and give people a cookie?

  4. Oh Will, I am so impressed with your blog and this incredible Lego creation! I miss you a lot but am so happy I can see your Lego work and send you messages. Keep adding new pictures!!

  5. Hi Will, I love your scorpion, but I am even more impressed with your description. You are a great writer and I can really hear your voice and your excitement in those words.