Monday, September 2, 2013

zoo animals

Mom took me on  special walk to the zoo.
The otters are eating. In that group of river otters, there are baby river otters!
This is a baby Komodo dragon. When they are born, they are 14 inches! There were two of them.
I like them because they can dig, and they have long tongues. You might see in the picture some floppy skin. I don't know why they have that, but some desert creatures like the komodo dragons have floppy skin. Just in case Granddaddy sees this: Granddaddy, this is not a real Komodo dragon. It's just a statue. This is how you can see that I'm telling the truth that they have long tongues. They have a tail too.
The lion cubs are very big now - they are chewing on bones in this picture. The mom is the one is the one who is pointing its back to us. Actually, the mom is the one you can see the tail of. Done.
This is Dad dressed up in as much stuff as we could find in our dress-up bin that fits Dad. Try to find the pig nose on Dad. It's funny, he looks like an animal!


  1. Will and Molly - this is my very favorite blog to check. Love the animal photos and info and always good to see my silly son!

  2. Will, you enjoy watching the animals, but you also try to find out more about them. You and Isaac look very dignified next to your dad in his crazy costume. Do you think he will wear that for Halloween?

  3. Love this post. I can't find the pig nose. Your dad's nose looks like it always does. Is the nose somewhere else?