Sunday, September 29, 2013


These are every single different leaf I found in my yard. I'm holding them down (for when wind blows) by rocks. Dad is digging over there. He's ripping up netting and old grass. He's going to plant new grass, but before that we are putting out clover seed, for real. Clover gives the dirt energy, its a cover crop.

I'm dressing up as a squirrel right now! Try to find my ears! I dressed up because it was Crazy Squirrel Day, and I wanted to dress up to be cool. The squirrel is my mascot at school, kindergarten!

The ears are way easier to find here. I didn't go on the monkey bars that day, because my squirrel tail was giving me too much heaviness! I got so much attention by this tail. Principal Warren went CRAZY.

1 comment:

  1. Such a great squirrel costume. Nice work mom and dad! Will - let's look for more different leaves this week!