Saturday, September 14, 2013

birthday cake sprinkle solution

This solution is called rainbow sprinkles. If you look closely, you might see some green where the rainbow fell to the bottom. To me, that ME looking through the glass actually is ME because the eyes look not nice, pointier. Because the glass is bent, it bends the light and that's why I look sort of not nice! And there is a heart suspended in midair because this is salt water! And we read about an experiment that an egg floats more the more salt you put in, so I put salt in hot water, so that's why it is floating high up.

Ok, this picture is the same solution with the sprinkles in it, but Isaac just dumped MORE sprinkles in it, and they filled up with water and now they REALLY look like they are hanging in midair. 

Now, I'm going to dump it out in the sink and see what it will look like. Ok, I did it. It smelled yummy, and looked like when I traced chalk with all the little pieces, but it was pink and purple.

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  1. I love reading about your solutions, Will. Can't wait for the bat wing Halloween costume! Hugs, Bingy